How did we get here?

The Texas Association of School Boards is currently conducting an independent facilities study of all Connally ISD buildings. Their survey began with the existing elementary school campus, which was constructed in 1961 (with an addition made in 1987).

The results of the TASB survey listed the elementary campus’ facilities condition index at 73.23%. This exceeds the point of recommendation for a total replacement of the facility (70%). The TASB report listed the condition budget of the existing campus at approximately $24,281,276. The report further predicted that the cost of building a new campus with the exact same size and floor plan would cost approximately $40,955,072.

The Texas Association of School Boards summarized the findings of their facilities survey with the following executive summary:

"Built in 1961, with an addition in 1987, the Connally elementary School facility serves grades 4th and 5th and is in fair condition but is in need of maintenance and repair of various building components. The roof should be replaced due to age and systemic leaks and older HVAC system components should be addressed at the time of replacement. Energy efficiency updates should be made to the lighting systems and window systems. Updates to interior classroom spaces are recommended. In addition, safety and security recommendations should be considered. In all, the interior of the facility is in fair condition. Closer inspection of building systems and structures may be necessary, the results of those findings could impact the overall cost of renovation and are not included in this assessment. The district should consider the overall district plans for grade alignment, grade location, district safety, and other campus needs in regard to a renovation, or campus replacement. At minimum, a complete renovation of the interior of the building is recommended as many building systems have reached their life expectancy."

TASB facility dashboard

The findings listed in the TASB facilities survey prompted the district to examine the potential timeline and cost of conducting large scale repairs and renovations of the existing campus. Because several of the highlighted areas of concern would require consultation from a construction engineer prior to repairs being made, the district investigated what the cost of rental of portable classroom/instructional spaces would be, should the potential projects require the campus be closed to the public during the regular school year.

A quote received on December 7, 2023 listed the cost of rental/transportation/set up of 38 portable classrooms, 8 offices, a cafeteria, and a gym (a layout that matches that of the current campus) at approximately $2,631,828.00 for one year. This cost did not include fees associated with dirt work, electricity, or plumbing.

Beginning on October 11, 2023, the district sought out volunteers in the community to join the Cadet Improvement Committee. This group, which was made up of parents, teachers, and members of the community who do not currently have students enrolled at CISD, met throughout the Fall 2023 semester. They toured the elementary campus, heard from faculty members in the building, and reviewed the findings of the TASB facilities survey.

The Cadet Improvement Committee recommended to Connally ISD Administration and the CISD Board of Trustees that they should call for a bond election for a proposed new elementary school campus.

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